This is our first post which is about neither statistics nor bitcoin. It is about something we like almost as much: Cosplay Hulk. Who?!? He is the wonderful guy shown in the picture to the left who blurs the line between idiocy and genius.

Like most Americans, we spend too much time reading reddit which, for better or worse, gives us some insight into what it’s like to do things we never ever actually do in real life, such as playing video games (because we have too little time) or worrying about school (because we are way too old). Cosplay falls squarely into this category. We think it’s really cool that people build costumes from scratch and put themselves out there for all to admire and/or mock. For those of you who don’t know what cosplay is, think Halloween taken to a freakish new level by nerds. And while some cosplayers are hot, many are not, but all have one thing in common: too much free time on their hands.

Cosplay costumes are a much bigger investment in effort, time, and money than average laymen like us would ever dare to spend in a costume. As a result, most of them are pretty good, and a few of them are downright amazing. Enter Cosplay Hulk, who has smashed the bounds on what it means to be bad at something. In his debut photo, he can be seen hanging out with his cosplay Avenger friends. We consider his co-Avengers to be quite lucky because their costumes are shitty enough to merit a fair amount of ridicule, yet nobody notices them because…oh my god WHO is that on the right?!?!?!

In a classic case of “so bad it’s good,” we’ve come to adore Cosplay Hulk, and here are three reasons why.

  1. Cosplay Hulk has ruined the other Hulk for us. From now on, if you’re going to dress up as Hulk, it doesn’t matter how buff you are, how green your make-up is, or how purple your shorts are. It won’t make a damn difference at all, because any costume is going to remind us of Cosplay Hulk and we won’t take you seriously. In the same vein, we cannot ever again look at any rendition of Hulk on a screen without thinking to how much better he would be with a pair of crooked googly eyes on his forehead.

  2. Cosplay Hulk the first costume worthy of his own costume.. We really hope that come this October, we will see at least one guy in green spandex with sharpie muscles and googly eyes who is not dressed up as Hulk, but dressed up as Cosplay Hulk. It’s the first great meta-costume that we know of.

  3. Cosplay Hulk is famous, yet nobody knows who he is! He is a true modern day superhero. He could be any one among us, but we will never know. Who lies under the green mask? Does he use his anonymity to fight crime? Who is his nemesis? Is he friends with a girl who only loves his cosplay form and doesn’t know that they are one and the same?

Cosplay Hulk, if you’re ever reading this, please know we are huge fans. Keep fighting the good fight; we know that you are the hero the internet needs but not the one it deserves.

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Written by

Stephanie Yang


11 May 2014